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"A political statement"

When talking to one of our new partners for residencies we were told that our floor solution was "a political statement". We never thought that the choice of a floor solution could be called political but let me give you some background to this statement.

A big supplier for dance floors internationally offers a really professional solution for dance floors where you can assemble and dissemble the floor in different sections to make it possible to reuse them in another place. Seems really smart right? After testing different kinds of solutions and traveling around Sweden to test the flexibility of different floors we found ourselves asking the question: why should you be able to dissemble and move the floor? We were told that is was because "you never know if you need to move to a different location".

Who ever, discussed that while building a theatre? Or an opera house? We decided that we will make a fixed installation, we are not going anywhere, we are not planning to move. Therefore the comment, that we got from one of the cultural institutions in Sweden: "that is really a political statement!"

Anyhow, here are some pictures of the process for our new floor. It will be flexible, with floor heating connected to three air-water heat pumps from Samsung that are really energy efficient and they even produce cooling for us in the summer.

The ceiling is also repaired after we took the chimney away for the old fireplace in the middle of the room.

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