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Meeting with architects

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

We have a lot of respect for the history of the building and for the design that resulted in that the house was awarded with a prestigious price in 1992. To make sure that we implement the small changes we are making to fit the new business with respect for the design we contacted Peter Häggmark at MAF architects (now part of Tengbom). He had a small part of the original project of the house that was led by the architects Per Persson and Mats Winsa that resulted in the inauguration in 1990.

We discussed the vision and the ideas of this project and Peter was happy to book a meeting at the site later on this year. This will be an opportunity to visually go through the ideas and possibilities of the house and we will also get all the old drawings and material choices. This will give us a good ground for the maintenance plan that we are creating for the house, to not just restore the house to its former glory but also to keep it in perfect shape.

Sami Dance Center

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