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The largest culture-political meeting place in Sweden - Folk och kultur

The founder of the worlds first Sami Dance Center, Liv Aira, was invited for a panel discussion and for a 30 minutes long presentation of the new center at Folk och kultur. Both Liv Aira and Jimmy Lundegård her producer had a queue of people wanting to talk to them after the presentation and it resulted in requests for new cooperations and many interesting meetings were booked. After the presentation Liv was escorted to the recording studio for an interview that you can watch here.

Folk och Kultur is an annually recurring platform for inspiration, experiences and learning where the content is created in collaboration with several hundred external organizers, exhibitors and representatives from cultural life, politics, authorities, organisations, the non-profit sector and the country's 21 regions. In addition to talks, debates and seminars, artistic performances and experiences are presented. The initiators of Folk och kultur are Länsteatrarna i Sverige, Regional Musik i Sverige and Länsmuseernas Samarbetsråd, project owner is the non-profit association Kulturlyftet. The convention has been developed in close collaboration with Eskilstuna Municipality and Region Sörmland.

You can find more about the event here:

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