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The name is Jillat

Updated: Mar 27

Finally we settled on a name for our new Sami Dance Center. The name will be Jillat! It's a word in lulesami language and has the meaning: To glow or to sparkle. Imagine the scenery of stars glowing in a luminous way or the eyes of a child all starry when watching its first dance production. Also the feeling in your heart when all feels great and inspiring and you just have to be creative.

With this name we want to help both artists and visitors to our center to be inspired and gain expectations before and during their visit and the name is already an inspiration to our light designer who who fittingly had just designed a lighting fixture on the same theme.

Jon Forsmark at Designat Ljus Europa AB shows ideas for lighting for Jillat - Samiskt Danscenter

The web address is active and is also the future site for our new webpage that we will release before the opening of our new center in November. The other web addresses will of course also be active, directing the traffic to our main domain.

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