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Architect on site 33 years later

Peter Häggmark, Regional manager North at Tengbom Architechts in Luleå who had a small part in the initial project of drawing the house visited us for a project presentation and to deliver a few kilos of printed drawings of the house and some initial ideas from their archives.

Respect of the history and the valued prices that the house got in the past makes the future projects extra interesting and inspiring. The plan is to gradually make some changes that will follow the same strategies and plans that were used when the house was built. We had discussions about the colors chosen, the materials and the maintenance plans. We also talked about involving the now retired architect Per Persson, that was one of the original architects of the house, to get his opinion on the new changes.

Jimmy Lundegård and Peter Häggmark at the new Sami Dance Center in Vuollerim

The open area is planned to get a new floor with heating, more fitting for the dance productions and the art residences that will be there..

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