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Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Today we had a meeting with some of the biggest non-profit organizations in Vuollerim to let them be the first to find out about our plans to give new life to the building Vuollerim 6000 and make it into a Sami Dance Center.

Following us to this meeting were the municipal commissioners Henrik Blind and Roland Boman, the Head of the community and infrastructure function, Erik Fagerström, Head of municipality Monika Lundkvist and Head of the Growth function Stefan Andersson all showing their support for this new Sami Dance Center.

The artistic director Liv Aira of the company, Aira Dance Company AB and the producer for the company, Jimmy Lundegård introduces the visions we are working towards. We showed a trailer containing clips from some of the shows and festivals created the last few years. After some presentation it was time for questions and we had a chance to calm some of the worried villagers that had questions about the general accessibility of the house, about who is welcome to visit and respect for the design of the house. The meeting ended in a warm welcome from the village.

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